What’s In My Suitcase

I am so excited to be heading back to Orlando this week. We’re not pulling the typical “snowbird” move with going in the middle of winter. So cross your fingers for no minimal sunburns and endless margaritas.

Visiting Orlando is sort of our annual tradition. We see Brandon’s family during the holidays but since B’s done with residency, we’re able to hit up the Sunshine State a lot more often! Yay! 

I’m a big advocate for intentional packing and that’s why I make sure to start gathering things days before we head out. The list includes: 

Lots of Swimsuits

Sunscreen (Tula glow)

Cute outfits for date nights and dinner with the family 



Goli Gummies

And a new (or memorable) perfume. Mine right now is Clean Reserve Radiant Nectar

I’m sure you’re thinking, “perfume, really?” I know it sounds silly but, think about it. When you’re creating moments, what is the biggest way to spark memories? Other than pictures of course. 


Walking into a favorite store, entering your BFF’s house, or spraying a certain perfume takes you right back to memories you made. So that’s why I like bringing a new scent on vacations because when I get back home, I have memories attached to it.

So, buy yourself a new perfume and let’s start making new memories together! 

Shop everything I am bringing right here

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