The Ava Bracelet

A bracelet that helps me understand my body’s cycle? Am I dreaming?

Yep, that’s pretty much what I thought when I heard about the Ava watch. Too good to be true! Let me tell you this, the Ava watch IS real, and it DOES work! Whether you are trying to learn your bodies monthly cycle, or trying to conceive , Ava is the answer.

                                 Who Should Use It and Why?

This bracelet is ideal for all women looking to track their cycle and is especially helpful for those looking to conceive. Simply learning about your body’s cycle is so powerful. It’s a great feeling to be able to know what’s going on with your body, and when! The bracelet is meant to be worn a minimum of four hours per night, while you sleep, and it records all data points to help predict your cycle and fertility window. When you wake in the morning, you connect it to your smart phone via bluetooth and it automatically records the data directly into their app. Pretty cool, right?

                                  What all does the Ava watch do?

Cycle insight – Understand how your cycle impacts your health with features like symptom tracking, trend analysis, graphs, and more. Trend analysis lets you see how your menstrual cycle impacts the way you feel throughout the month.

  • Health data – Tracks your sleep, physiological stress levels, and resting heart rate—so you can see whether your lifestyle is supporting optimal health.
  • Effortless – There’s no need to take your temperature or pee on sticks. Just wear Ava when you sleep and sync when you wake up.
  • Real-time detection of fertile window – Ava is clinically proven to detect the very beginning of the fertile window—in real time, as it happens. That’s totally different than LH tests, which only detect the last day or two of the fertile window, and the temperature method, which only confirms ovulation after the fact.
  • Conceive faster – Couples who time intercourse accurately increase
    their chances of conceiving in a given month.
  • Pregnancy tracking –Ava is still there for you once you conceive. Once you get pregnant, get a whole new app experience with detailed explanations about what to expect in each week of pregnancy. You’ll be able to continue tracking your sleep, physiological stress, and resting pulse rate, as well as compare your weekly weight gain to standard recommendations.
  • A partner in fertility awareness methods- Yes, the Ava device is great for postponing pregnancy as well! Being educated on what your body is doing Is so powerful when it comes to trying to conceive or postponing. I have been wearing my Ava watch for a few months now, and I have learned so much about my cycle! For more info on this awesome bracelet, visit

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