Morning Sickness Remedies

The first trimester is the worst! Well……maybe even some of your second trimester. Do you agree?!

Pregnancy is BEAUTIFUL, but man, is it hard!  I never truly understood what it’s like to be tired or nauseous all the time until I experienced pregnancy.  And those are just some of the more common symptoms.

Then you can have symptoms that no one tells you about – like headaches, dizziness, nose bleeds, mood swings, sensitive gums, sinus congestion, anxiety, back pain, stomach cramping, leg cramps, having to pee all the time, and who knows what else!

Yes, hormones are going crazy!  Below is a list of nausea remedies and tricks I have tried or that others have told me worked for them.  Hopefully, something in this list can help you like some of them have helped me.

– Avoiding smells & foods that trigger nausea – Lemon, peppermint & ginger

– Drink plenty of water

-Take vitamin B6

– Eat smaller meals more frequently

– Take you prenatal vitamins at dinner or at bedtime

– Zofran

Preggie Pop Drops

-Any The Ginger People Gin Gins

– Don’t let you tummy get empty

– Peppermint Oil on your wrist

– Ginger Tea

– Get off your feet

– Drink fizzy drinks

Sea Bands

– Lemonade

– Dried plums are amazing for morning sickness

-Don’t be afraid to talk to you doctor about what is going on

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