Henry James March 24, 2022

In March of 2021, I had to have an unplanned c-section after about 30 hours of unmedicated labor. Our baby was sunny side up and not engaging. Not only was I exhausted, but felt both devastated and defeated because I was unable to have her naturally. But our God had other plans, and Lennon came just the way He wanted her too. She was perfect in every way!

Lennon Brooks Scott March 25, 2021

Fast forward to July 2021,  I was pregnant again and knew this was my chance to have a VBAC. At my appointment I asked my doctor about a VBAC. She explained that pregnancies less than 18 months apart could possibly cause a uterine rupture, therefore they could not support a VBAC. I would have to have another c-section. After consulting with my doula Katie Mckinney about it, she encouraged me to interview with other providers to see if they would support my choice for a VBAC. 

After doing some research, I was thrilled to find a provider that would support my choice. Continuing to educate myself, I listened to a variety of podcasts about successful VBACs, read stories about them, and tried to mentally and physically get prepared. My doula was very encouraging and also advised me about things to do including going to a chiropractor and pelvic floor specialist, Truly, I believe these benefited me and helped to make Henry’s birth successful.

So 39 weeks & 4 days, I woke up out of a dead sleep at 2:23am, and below is the timeline:

2:23am: my water broke in my sleep and contractions followed about 15 mins later 

3:30am: arrived at the hospital

3:45am: I was at 5cm

6:13am: I was at 7cm

9:37am: We were told the good news “you’re fully dilated” so I started to push

10:34am: Henry James was born! I was beyond excitement and gratitude. We had done it……..an unmedicated VBAC!

Henry James Scott March 24, 2022

Things I would recommend – 

✨Hire a doula

✨Find the most supportive dr/provider

✨Read and read! Knowledge is power and understanding risks on both sides is important.

✨Find an amazing chiropractor 

✨Get monthly prenatal massages

✨See a pelvic floor specialist 

✨Prepare with exercise, vitamins, podcasts, and videos

First, let me thank my dr/provider for encouraging and believing in me and supporting my decision. Also, I have to give a huge credit to my husband, Brandon, for his support and believing in me throughout both my labors. Another big shout-out goes to my Labor and Delivery nurses and my doula, Katie, who did everything in their power to keep the baby and me safe while achieving my VBAC. This entire experience was surreal! I felt empowered, rewarded, and strong!

If you long for a VBAC, I hope you go for it! I would love to answer any questions you may have about what I learned on my journey.

Photos were done by the Wonderful Katie Mckinney/Doula!

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