Hair Extensions And Why I Love Them

Ok ladies, let’s talk hair. I get so many questions on this topic and so I am so happy to share my hair secrets with you!

I have always been pretty low maintenance when it comes to my hair. I had never even colored it until last fall!

Last year I decided I needed a little spice when it came to my hair. I needed some brighter pieces and wanted more body. I did not really know where to start, but thankfully my girls at House Of Aglaia did!

My hair is now bright and has so much body. The styles I can now do on my hair are endless. So, what’s the secret?

The secret to magical mermaid hair is Natural beaded row extensions installed by the one and only Natalie Stiver.  Below are all the details! I hope you enjoy, and please let me know if you have any questions!

Reasons To get NBR Extensions

~NBR  extensions are light weight, unlike most other sets of extensions. There are wefts sewn in to my hair instead of hundreds of single beads. GAME CHANGER.

~Unlike other extensions, NBR extensions do not fall out one by one when they are ready to be moved up. THANK GOD!

~Hair is perfectly blended because of the weft and placement of the hair. The placement is personalized for your head and so the blending is perfect!

~ These extensions are NOT going to ruin your hair health. There is NO glue, no harsh chamicals, nothing! NO DAMAGE girls!

~The quality of the hair is TOP. You can color it and style it and it remains beautiful for up to a year.

~Less hair washing. Yep! I only have to wash my hair a few times a week now. Major time saver, and healthier for my scalp!

~You can do any kind of style and the extensions will not show. I am so excited to wear my hair half up or in braids! I can wear a top knot, anything! The styles are endless!

Q and A  

1. What kind of extensions did you get?

House of Aglaia Salon in Germantown uses Bombshell and I am loving this brand!

2. How many rows did you get and how long?

Natalie sewed 2 wefts in to my hair.   Two wefts give the perfect amount of volume for me.  As far as length goes, my hair is long already, so we went with the 18” to match my hair and get rid of gaps I had in the ends.

3. Can you wear your hair up?

YES!  Honestly you can wear almost any style if you have a good stylist who knows how to work with these extensions. There are lots of little tricks!

4. How often do the wefts need to be moved up?

It depends on the person, but I am able to go about 9 weeks! The beauty of the weft is that they are hidden, so when the extensions do start to grow out, you’re the only person who knows it!

5. How long do they last?

These extensions last from 9-12 months. If you take care of them they should last a year!

So, how bad do you want these extensions now? Haha! Seriously, mermaid magical hair was always a dream, and now House Of Aglaia has made that dream come true!

I hope I have answered all your questions! For additional info, give House Of Aglaia a call at 901-443-5533.

Thanks for stopping by!

Ok ladies, let’s talk hair. I get so many questions on this topic and so I am so happy to share my hair secrets with you!

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