Welcome to LifeStyleInFocus! We are Jennie and Elizabeth-a mother/daughter duo. Together we are collaborating to create a lifestyle blog for women which we hope will inspire and encourage.


Hello, I am Jennie - Elizabeth's mother. I love to invest quality time in people and relationships. Reading, learning, and designing comprise a large part of this experience. My earliest years were spent growing up in a small TN town surrounded by my talented mother and aunts who encouraged me in my desire to create my own clothing as well as those of my Barbie.  Several years after college graduation, my sisters and I opened the Memphis clothing store, Kittie Kyle, which Elizabeth jokingly calls "my first child."

For over 30 years I have been married to my husband, Carson, and have two children. With the Lord's help, we have walked through the good and sometimes difficult places along our life journey. 



Hi, I am Elizabeth-Jennie's daughter, Brandon's wife, and full-time photographer.  As long as I can remember fashion, art, and music have been high on my radar. Since my mother's "first child" was  Kittie Kyle, I spent many hours playing around exquisite clothing and accessories.  My dad, an architect, immersed me in design, hence my life long connection to all things creative and visual. After spending my college years studying vocal music and traveling around the globe with a preforming group, I decided to pursue my real passion with the visual through photography and beyond. 

Unless specifically noted all photographs on this blog are taken and copyrighted by Elizabeth Looney Photography for LifeStyleInFocus.