In my teen/20s I could not get enough of laying out by the pool and using tanning beds here and there. Totally guilty. Anyone else? Now that I am about to be 30 I want to truly take care of my skin. My mom has been allergic to the sun since she was in college and has always told me to protect my skin…. but I just wanted to be tan.
I see it now that I am older. She is 65 and has flawless skin! Y’all she doesn’t look like she should be in her 60’s! Now I know her secret. 🙂
With all of that all being said, I still do love a good tan. I don’t know about you but when I have a tan, I feel like I just look better, more fit. Everything is just better with a tan am I right ? I have tried all kinds of self tanning lotions but nothing has beat Tanceuticals.

Tanceuticals is the tanning line I have been looking for for! Here’s what really sets Tanceuticals apart from all the other self tanners out there.  In addition to the tanning ingredient that turns your skin bronze, they also add tons of healthy cosmeceuticals to their formulas that improve the quality of your skin.  Their breakthrough ingredients like Argan Oil, Acai Berry and Shea Butter give your skin these added benefits: 
+ Moisturizes and Nourishes Dry Skin
+ Evens and Smooths Skin
+ Tone Firms, Tones and Tightens
+ Protects Against and Repairs Premature Aging
+ Minimizes Appearance of Wrinkles

Top reasons I love Tanceuticals:
– It smells like the beach  
-They have great color for lighter skinned people like me . 
– It improves your skin!

Ever since I shared Tanceuticals on Instagram, I have had several people ask about it, buy it, and then come back with the report that they LOVED it. I highly recommend it!  They are also rated #1 self tanner on I hope you guys enjoyed this post! Let me know if you have any other favorite tanning products!

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