Restful ZzZz with the Airweave Mattress Topper

Today, we are reviewing a mattress topper sent to us by Airweave. This product is made by a Japanese company founded in 2004. When Motokuni Tahaoka took over a family fishing line business, he decided to do something different. After experimenting with fishing line and technology, the first airweave top mattresses were born and shipped in late 2007. According to their site, “The product, which is designed to synchronize to the body and allow air free airflow, was an instant hit in Japan.”

The topper described as “different at its core” uses a proprietary technology called airfiber. Described on the website, airfiber with “its unique interwoven design…helps you move easily, evenly distributes weight, and allows airflow to help keep you in a deeper more restful sleep.”

Having recently purchased a memory foam topper which is too soft and too hot, we were excited to try it out. The first morning my husband said, “My back is not hurting at all!” And he has repeated the same thing… every morning… since we began sleeping on the Airweave topper. Because we like a firmness to our mattress, we are very pleased with how it feels and supports while we sleep.

In addition, we are not waking up hot and throwing off covers! He even thought I had removed a blanket. Lastly, should one get up, we are not aware of the other moving around in the bed. So there is an “ease of movement” with the use of this product just as they say.

All in all, we are giving the Airweave Top Mattress a very positive review. Waking up rested and without pain is a win-win to us! This topper could be a great Christmas present for that special person.

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