Sweat It Out

We had a great time recently at The Sweat House where we sweated-just like the name implies. The infrared sauna business is new to the Memphis area, but is already going strong in Nashville and Huntsville. 

The concept uses infrared light which heats the body’s core temperature to produce “a deeper more detoxifying sweat.” According to their website, infrared sauna health benefits include detoxification, anti-aging and skin rejuvenation, weight loss, improved circulation, stress reduction, and many others. Here is a link to all the health benefits.

Upon arriving, you are taken to a personal sweat pod in a private room. (You will want this because you will be sweating in your birthday suit.) After undressing, you slip into the pod and the heat begins. The session lasts for 30 minutes.  There is no cell phone, no talking, nothing to do, but relax, sweat, and enjoy the soothing music. Oh my how nice!

Having only been a couple of times, we cannot speak to all the health benefits, but we can say we each emerged from our sauna boxes TOTALLY RELAXED!!  All stresses and problems had  receded into the background. And believe it or not……. this calmness lasted for both of us the entire day!  Their website goes on to explain that like exercise, the benefits increase as you continue to go and experience the process.  

With the stress of the holidays looming ahead, we would encourage everyone to go and check out  what The Sweat House might do for you.  They are conveniently located in the Laurelwood Collection shopping center.

So grab your friends for a girl’s night out and head over to The Sweat House! You won’t regret it!!




4615 Poplar Ave #17
Memphis, TN | 38117

(901) 249-3036


MONDAY    9a-8p

TUESDAY   6a-1p & 3p-8p

WEDNESDAY     9a-8p

THURSDAY    6a-1p & 3p-8p

FRIDAY    9a-5:30p

SATURDAY     8a-2p

SUNDAY     9a-2p




Photo By Elizabeth Looney Photography Mary Kate Steele

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