I don’t know about you, but when I got married, I “knew” exactly how things were going to go or so I thought. ……..Right? …….WRONG!

We bought our home, did a total renovation, got settled in, and decided NOW is the time for the baby. Well guess what, for months that became years, the positive test never showed up. Fertility testing, surgery, temperature taking, and almost standing on my head did not work for us. “But why?” I asked. “I have it all planned out.”  You may not have experienced infertility and the tears and frustration of trying to conceive, but more than likely there has been a “something” in your life which has taken you down a road of pain and uncertainty. And like me, you find yourself at the end of what you can do and desperate for what only He can do – which brings me to the beginning of our adoption story.

My mind returns to a long ago afternoon when my phone rang and the caller on the other end said, “Please fly here as soon as possible. You and your husband have been chosen by a young woman to become the adoptive parents for her baby girl.” My breath stopped, and my eyes filled with tears.  We were going to be parents! I was going to be a mother! The long waited for, much prayed about, and unbelievable was finally happening. 

As soon as we could, we boarded a plane and landed in California early the next morning. Upon arriving at the hospital, the years of infertility, tears, and heartache were ended as a precious gift of life was placed into my arms.  Never…..ever…..will I forget the moment that I gazed into the eyes of our baby girl and those of her birth mother.  An incredible, unexplainable love flooded my heart drenching me all over! It was complete and utter awe – a hushed, sacred wonder.  Our baby had finally arrived. (Later we would be blessed to adopt a precious son.)

Did I understand why we had not been able to conceive, or why God had chosen adoption for our family? No, but his Word declares ” For I know the plans I have for you says the LORD. ‘ I have plans to prosper you, not to harm you. I have plans to give you a future filled with hope.’ ” Jeremiah 29:11NET.   At that moment, in His time, and according to His plans for our future, we became parents to Elizabeth.

Fast forward 28 years, it is a joy to share and collaborate together on this blog. This represents another new beginning  – filled with some uncertainties and fear – like many others we have previously experienced.  Although the doubts are there, we are excited and moving forward…….. trusting……..that it is going to be good.


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